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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Net Nuetrality Petition!!!!

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This amounts to violating your right to read what you want to!  And violating your right to read is also a violation of your freedom of speech.  The most perfect proof is someone not being able to read a website on Vocabulary or order a vocabulary book!!!!  Hence his freedom of speech has been violated!  No faulty premise there!  Thomas Paul Murphy

Help us save the internet.
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Hi Concerned Citizen,
The Internet was never supposed to be about big monopolies picking winners and losers. But that could soon change, with big consequences for consumers.
If passed, new proposed rules from the FCC could put your internet access at the whim of your service provider -- meaning the potential for molasses-slow loading and buffering next time you visit Hulu, Netflix or Amazon.
Please take a moment and tell the FCC to protect net neutrality and an open Internet. The public comment period ends on Monday, so please act now.
The Internet has always been run on the principle of internet freedom known as net neutrality -- no fast lanes, no slow lanes. Net neutrality lets today’s innovative start-ups, operating in dorm rooms and garages, get the same chance to succeed as internet giants like Google, Netflix, Facebook and Amazon once did.
The phone and cable companies have been caught messing with net neutrality before. In 2012, the FCC fined the phone company Verizon -- one of the net’s biggest ISPs -- for charging consumers for using their phone as a mobile hotspot.
If the FCC’s proposed rule goes forward, expect your phone or cable company to put you in a slow lane whenever it wants to. You paid for a guaranteed speed and internet experience, but you won’t get it anymore.
If the FCC allows the big cable and telephone companies to pick winners and losers, it’s a simple equation. They’ll pick the ones who can pay more to be winners and the rest of us to be losers. Big, powerful special interests will gain more control over what happens on the Internet and in the economy. They’ll have more ability to prevent future competitors from growing.
The good news, however, is that the FCC is required to listen to the public first.
Please take a moment and tell the FCC to protect net neutrality and an open Internet.
Thanks for all you do,
Bruce Speight
WISPIRG Director

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Personal Health Topic 09 14 2014

Personal Health Topic 09 14 2014

I have just started a new health habit!

Every time that I use paint or glue to make something or clean a very dusty area or do laundry and am exposed to the fumes or I better start making a list:

  1. Painting
  2. Gluing
  3. Cleaning dusty
  4. Doing laundry
  5. Am exposed to fumes including those from the oven broiler function

I make it a point to put on my running shoes, my bright colored running jacket so people can see me and jog ¼ to ½ mile to Clear my lungs! It works tremendously well!

If you don't you will find that the compromise to your lungs will just keep you in a de-oxygenated state (even though the oximeter will say you are at 99% oxygen!) There is more to it than that and the jogging helps clear the cells exposed to oxygen REVIVE!

I strongly recommend all my readers do the same. And I will have to say that I find the Saucony running shoe to be the best around!

So it is very important to do that immediately after are finished and done being exposed! That has to also be the cut off point so that you do not expose yourself again after the run!  Which means you have to know when you are done with a project for the day and stick to that discipline!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Creigh Deeds on 60 minutes 09 14 2014

Creigh Deeds on 60 minutes

Gus Deeds!

He missed the issue entirely! His son should have never been exposed to alcohol!

Beware the leaven of the Pharisees! Beer and alcohol is full of it! What you are combining is oxygen deprivation brain cell death with opportunistic yeast! And add to it someone who does not have their own human soul demonically possessing you!

It is the equivalent of his son being poisoned!

And that lessens his mind so that he is more prone to demonic possession!

“His professor's were ganging up on him?” I believe him! I can quote every single thing that professor's said to me! And I believe Gus can too! And also the context of how they were said! And the emotion they were said with!”

Any one who was ever mean to him was likely there demonic possessing him! To write those things in his journal and also attack his father! And once Gus cut his father it was over for Gus as his conscience caught up with him in Gus's frail condition he could not handle the guilt! That wasn't Gus doing those things that was a coven taking a free ride on his soul; making a criminal out of a victim and then killing the victim!

Gus probably had more natural talent than any of his pier group!

So how could this not have happened? Gus needed to have the point of view that it wasn't him that was fostering all that hatred but those who were mean to him! Gus should have never had to internalize those emotions or fix them in stone with medicine! Gus should have articulated what confrontations he had with professors including nonverbal ques! Why didn't Gus's father believe him about prof's ganging up? College students are hazed to death in the United States; didn't he know that? But it is very hard to believe isn't it! And that is how the crime is perpetrated.

What would the Founding Fathers who fled England for Religious freedom say about American Universities? About the same thing Kennedy did before he was shot; they serve no public benefit! What I am getting at is a bad religion is at work in the University system! And indeed it started in Wisconsin with Charles Van Hise advising Franklin Roosevelt with the Eugenics idealism of, “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry!” That is communism and the Kings religion in one!

When you read in philosophy that Socrates was a leader of a school of thought it meant exactly that! Also when you read that Socrates tells of a troglodyte race that sits and watches visions on cave walls, well- that is indeed the race that comprise a school of thought and create voices in a persons head!

I could also tell you about how what I have asserted is documented in the Bible! When one demon loses a battle with your mind it finds six friends in its tribe to form a seven headed hydra! Also this quote is applicable. Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend! That is how a seven headed hydra is formed! It is a coven of 7 people demonizing a human mind! There was also a rabbie named Mathias who could heal demonic possession. The only way he could heal it is if seven members of his tribe created it! Now Jesus could drive demons out of peopled too, and what does the Bible tell us? He knew who they were!

Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific but the cause of it makes it a medical fraud!

Other details on the show.

A National Shortage of Psychiatrists?

Give her up to the State?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
originally published on 09 14 2014 at: www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.com

New York Jets 24 Green Bay Packers 31

New York Jets 24 Green Bay Packers 31

Running back effectiveness. When I played football the running back's job was to stutter step or shuffle step and break that initial “congregation” of players. And once he was past that there should be no-one that he should consider poses a threat to him taking that ball and running straight to the end zone! A running back needs long distance sprinting speed! He needs to have the confidence that he can evade tackles and that he has the potential to score a touchdown on ever single play. That should be his mentality! It should not be a matter of him bobbing up and down, bobbing up and down; that doesn't create momentum or speed! And just gets one stuck there for the end of the play. The idea is that body movement initiates distance! He should be so good at the stutter step that the person who covers him falls down out of tripping over his own feet or confusion! That is how I played the position!

Defensive backs! Basically I liked what I saw the defense was trying to catch the ball too! But a defense to the pass game needs to be able to read a quarterbacks movements and anticipate what the play will be from how they are lined up! Once he does that he can be there for an interception! He should be going for the interception as if it is a lifetime bonus! And once he gets hold of it he should expect to score a touchdown every single time! That should be his mentality!

The official calling a time out is a non issue. I have heard that some referees are lawyers during the week so that can be thought of as calling a fraudulent timeout! In other words the Jets need to better manage their sideline! There can be no rigging of “auctions” on the sideline! The league doesn't need to review anything about it!

And the double fake hand-off on one side and the touchdown pass was pure beautiful!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 09 14 2014 at: www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.com
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

U.S. Media NEVER tells us what anyone who hates the United States is Saying 09 14 2014 updated

U.S. Media NEVER tells us what anyone who hates the United States is Saying 09 14 2014

I want to know what they are saying when they bomb New York or cut the head of a white person.

If it is a bunch of gibberish then it makes a better case against the terrorists doesn't it!  That would build support!  So why not tell us?  Because it isn't gibberish is it!  What business owner doesn't want to know what legitimate complaints people have against them and this is a nation of Capitalism (business)

Would you encourage your son to fight for the rights of homosexuals in the United States media?  Would you fight a war to legalize marijuana?  Would you fight so banks could fraudulent rig the interest rate and create a U.S. Mortgage crisis!  And it is those same financial maneuvers that foreign countries often have a big problem with don't they!

They bombed the World Trade Center, the supposed hub of World Capitalism in New York and then 6 years later American and Foreign banks colluded to create the mortgage crisis where Americans lost homes to the banks due to fraud!

Thomas Paul Murphy

How can we follow rules and regulations when communists hack our computers so that we can't read them 09 14 2014

If they had had a valid father figure you would not be constantly hearing voices in your head; and the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree