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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

On Sex Changes 05 27 2015

On Sex Changes 05 27 2015

As soon as he gets a sex change operation the demonic spirit possessing him to be a woman leaves him and he experiences no greater sadness and misery.

This brings up issues regarding freedom.

Should one even be free to be tattooed?

Why shouldn't one be free to use narcotics?

Now this brings up Ron Paul's criticism of Bill Clinton.  Ron Paul stated that the Drug Enforcement policies of the Clinton Administration were destructive.  The high prison sentence terms imposed during the Clinton Admin for drug offenses.  He said that they get out of prison and go back to using drugs and dealing.  He thought a $300 fine would be fine.  He thought that a person could just get their act together?  I haven't seen anyone naturally get their act together! But the point I need to make here that Ron doesn't seem to understand is, if a prison sentence doesn't discourage one from drug dealing what will?  When they were in prison didn't they reflect on why they were in there?  Didn't it occur to them that getting someone hooked on drugs ruins their life?


A word about guns.  It used to be a rifle had its own rack in the cabin.  And that was indeed above the height of the children!  Therefore when one grew to the age of manhood he knew through a psychological construct that was when he was to use a gun and not as a child.  Accept when he had to get up on the stool to shoot savages raping his mother and scalping his father?


A word about Corporate Welfare.  If they go ahead and eliminate Social Security to those who hear voices what happens next is with a single stroke of the pen outlaw corporate ownership or titling of patents.  How can a Corporation own a patent?  A corporation isn't a person!  The reason they are titled in Corporations in the first place is because those ideas were stolen directly from the minds that are intruded upon and interjected to with voices!  Are you telling me a Corporation thought of an invention?  It never happened?  So you don't like my writing?  Let's say you have a Bohemian Pollack son that goes to work for a Corporation and invents something.  That Corporation will own that invention!  Not the son you fathered to be a man.  Could your son effectively have patented the idea himself?  Unlikely.  And if he hears voices the odds are less than 1% in my humble opinion.  So they want those fresh minds to work for something that is a corporation that they say is a person which really isn't.  Somehow that has to end!  I would create a petition but you never validated any of mine to fruition.

The rise of Corporate ownership of patents came from the legacy admin of FDR who legalized the substance that causes cancer and is also the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.

So why is a young buck mad at you a man who hears voices?  He's really mad at you because you are all his mother, girlfriend and wife think about in Fixation as religion.  Booh Hah!

How do they specially educate the mentally defective?  By creating a Fixation on the mind of a human being as a matter of religion.


"They know that schizophrenia is medical fraud like a monkey knows what a banana is." 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I believe that smoking cigarettes is grounds to have a marriage annulled 05 26 2015

I believe that smoking cigarettes is grounds to have a marriage annulled 05 26 2015


Because one out of every six deaths from cigarette smoke is by someone who didn't smoke at all but got the lung cancer from second hand cigarette smoke.

In effect when you marry someone and they start smoking cigarettes you are highly likely to die from lung cancer even though you don't smoke; per that above statistic!

It is like marrying someone and they are poisoning you to death!  If that isn't grounds for annulment I don't know what is.


You go fishing on a Friday night and your wife doesn't come with you.  Instead she wants to go out to a bar with a single friend of hers.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to say to her, "There are no bars."


And what about alcohol?  We know that it is a carcinogen which means it causes cancer.  We also know that it is addictive.  I don't believe that you should be tempted by an addictive substance in a marriage.  So I believe that drinking of alcohol is also grounds for annulment of marriage!


Someone that marries you should not need to use a drug of escapism in order to be with you.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, May 25, 2015

False teachings are (always?) a part of religion 05 25 2015

False teachings are (always?) a part of religion   05 25 2015

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ask him how he is going to solve a problem and he will say it doesn't need to be solved 05 23 2015

Ask him how he is going to solve a problem and he will say it doesn't need to be solved 05 23 2015

This is our current line up of politicians.

That false reassurance is how he got his girlfriend to marry him.

It worked great for him! But it doesn't work for the people.  And that is what government is about.

As a man I find it extremely offensive when a male tries to pull that with the American people!

The only reason it worked for him personally is because he had access to an endless supply of money!  So that is what Financial reform should be designed to address. 

And it would mean a complete shift in thinking and wealth redistribution.  But it isn't something that can be forced to happen, those in power need to realize it is for the better of everyone and publicly come to that same conclusion themselves!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Van Gogh didn't cut his own ear off like we were told 05 22 2015

The fact that Van Gogh did not cut off
his own ear is very telling isn't it! Do you remember your Italian
High School history teacher relishing when he told you that Van Gogh
cut off his own ear? Why would they say that he cut off his own ear?
It really raises a lot of fear about people who hear voices doesn't
it! Did Van Gogh accuse Gauguin of causing him to hear voices? Did
Gauguin steal his skill set from Van Gogh? And when Van Gogh
confronted him about it Gauguin cut off his ear? Van Gogh might have
had a problem with Jews; from my reading and understating of him. So
say Van Gogh hears voices as is what is indeed depicted in his
painting “The Scream” Why discredit him by saying he cut off his
own ear when he didn't? Van Gogh would have had a lot of clout when
his paintings were becoming famous. Were they afraid of what he knew
and what he represented? What we see here is a historical trend to
stigmatize those who hear voices as also being something odd that
everyone should fear because of that? So why do that to someone?
History was falsely written concerning him! Weren't you like me in
that you thought this man had a fixation on a woman and the poor guy
tried to prove how much he loved her by cutting off his own ear? How
is history controlled to get that so horribly wrong? It is a great
historical shame that goes on every day in the United States! It
follows the same trend of stigmatizing the mentally ill as more
dangerous than the rest of the population when the truth is indeed
that those who hear voices are 13 times more likely to be a victim of
violence than a perpetrator of it. So really you have someone that
is 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator
of it, isn't that the exact type of citizen the 2nd
amendment was written for? 13X more times; those are the exact
types of people who are a lot more safe to have guns by definition!  What religions were both Van Gogh and Gauguin of?

I can even remember a kid in high
school doing a biographical report on Van Gogh and seemingly
relishing in the fact that he cut off his own ear. Somehow I knew it
wasn't true back then! I could read that kid lying; his father
happened to be a psychologist!!!!!!!!

What about Viking Lief Erickson really
discovering America in 1000AD. Why would they say Christopher
Columbus did? Because they had intended on enslaving the native
American population and it created many more false reasons to do so
when all you hear is Christopher Columbus's opinion and saying he
discovered it? The native Americans were so nice that he said they
would be easy to enslave!!! But would that be the story he
propagandized back in England or Spain or wherever he came from?
What is the key fact about it being 1000ad? What else was going on
in history about 1000ad that they never wanted to have linked to
Lief Erickson discovering the U.S.? Celtic =Vikings?? ? They are
discrediting the Irish. And some of the Irish brought to the U.S.
Had been enslaved by the British. We know this because some sided
with the British in the Revolutionary War because the British were
said to have promised them freedom from enslavement!

Thomas Edison really didn't discover
the light bulb but bought the patent from Heinrich Goebels!!! So who
was Heinrich Goebels? Why make it seem like it was discovered by
Edison? Was Heinrich Goebels in the United States or Germany?
Heinricht Goebels??? They often say that two people working
separately discover the same thing, and recently some people seem to
believe the one given credit for it wasn't the one who should have
been. It hints at dependent mindedeness does'nt it!

And what about Ben Franklin not flying a
kite with a key attached to it to discover electricity? Do you
remember your chain smoking eighth grade school teacher tempting you
to do that yourself! Tempting you to be electrocuted?

Why did they say witches were burnt at
the stake when they weren't? Because it makes it seem like those
punishing them were a lot worse than them!!! What are they trying to
get at? The history writers were trying to hide the fact that a
witch is a vey bad person! If you say those who punish are worse
than the criminal then you lessen the chance that someone will ever
be punished for that same thing in the future!!! This reminds me a
lot of the fraudulent case concerning a black man that was used to do
away with the death penalty in Chicago!

I can tell you without a doubt that
your history professor is a completely different breed!  Somehow they knew exactly what was false history when they were teaching it!!!

What about the moon being held in place by gravity?  NASA scientist knew that!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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If you added flat beer back to new beer that has not been fermented would you get a better nonalcoholic beer

If you added flat beer back to new beer that has not been fermented would you get a better nonalcoholic beer;  much as I state that my Murphy's Miracle wine is a good non alcoholic wine?

I believe that this could be done!  Might save a lot of lives from accidental death as well as being born into perdition.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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What would the local church do if you paid to have a mass read for you 05 22 2015

What would the local church do if you paid to have a mass read for you 05 22 2015

"Tom he hears voices and can't hold a job."  The perverted Priest would not be able to contain his snickering laughter would he.

"I can't live the American dream as others do because of the voices.  Could you say a read a mass for me?  I will pay a little bit of money just like everyone else does for you to do that."

What do you say Listecki?  What do you say Father Dolan?

What if you held a mass for your son who was sexually molested as 8,000 have accused the Archdiocese of Milwaukee of?

"My son isn't doing so well since you sexually molested him Father, I would like you to read a mass for him?"

"You told some of them that you would kill them if they told didn't you?"

So if all 8000 of those cases of priest sex abuse paid to have a mass read for them every Sunday, it would change the focus of the Church?  But you really can't make a Father out of someone who can't be one can you.

It's a complete joke isn't it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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