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Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, October 19, 2014

UW Milwaukee Alumni Foundation Donation 10 19 2014

UW Milwaukee Alumni Foundation Donation 10 19 2014

If the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee wants me to make a donation they can do so by holding a $6.95 Alumni Pancake breakfast EVERY Sunday morning! It can be at one of those old buildings that are part of the University that only the official “SNOD” get to go in or even look at. It can have slow cooked breakfast sausages like they used to serve at Gimbels Department Store. Lets see if your Hippocrates Fingers can get that right?

What you say that you have an $831 million dollar deficit? How about that money is pooled for a raffle of those who became disabled by hearing voices in their head after they were hired through the University placement program to work for in the Investment and Banking Industry. You know the guy who make over 5 times my entry level salary, wrote in odd chicken scratch Arabic styled albeit in English but could not type a word on the computer? There are 52 weeks in a year so you can allocate to the prize amount of $1,000,000.oo to five lucky winners in that disability pool every week at the pancake breakfast!  And it will be RIGHTFULLY distributed over 3 years.

And the pancakes should be similar or better than those whole grain ones at Denny's.  And if someone wants crepes with Loganberries you should have that there too!

You don't have to print up an expensive brochure! Having that old Professorship staff fulfill the role of waiting and cooking for the Alumni would be sufficient. And you have to get the coffee right to, some like regular and some like decaf. And every cup of coffee served has to be fresh. None of that dregs stuff that they serve at the hospitals that puts the elderly into immediate cardiac arrest. They didn't learn that at the UW nursing school did they? That is also the same dregs coffee I have been served at coffee shops around campus; entrepreneurs from the school that went on to be loaned money to start a respectable business?

And who is driving the academic shuttle buses? Just the kind of athletic bouncer type dolt you want to keep off campus? “I didn't want my daughter to marry an overgrown Goober Stein that lives in a remote house with a cul-de-sac in Fox Point,” I heard one father thinking in grief.

Save the money for that brochure, I don't really care to hear what some criminally networked 5417 kid is doing and how successful they are! I have been hearing voices for 23 years; I know that you didn't earn a dime!

Has the Milwaukee economy benefited one bit from your teachings; apparently not!

Just put a grayscale drawing picture on a white 8.5”x 11” piece of letter paper showing what the building looks like and when it will be open! Buffet style is okay but you have to keep the food coming in those bins; Just in Time isn't good enough, you need it there a little bit just before. So there I taught you a completely new business concept, A Little Bit Just Before. ALBJB for a start of a buzzhole buzzword acronym.

And when you are serving my elderly mother and I you put on the most sincere smile of respect you can manage for being allowed to serve those with academic aspirations.

And don't make too much conversation with the customers; you don't want to turn any stomachs with your sneering duplicitous jokes. Just wear a badge that say's, “My name is 'Alfred Smith' I am a former Professor of International Business Relations. Please grab me by the ear if you would like fresh coffee or more pancakes, sausage or eggs.”

And you be there every Sunday morning; no days off for tribal holidays that along with the fairy tale fiction Corporate concept limited liability and a corporate is really a person; Contradict the United States Constitution just as you being here does!  You've already been paid when you should not have!

I'll be there to eat a Sunday brunch, I have no hurt feelings.
Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014

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Teaching Black People how to use a Grocery/Department Store 10 19 2014

Teaching Black People how to use a Grocery/Department Store 10 19 2014

  1. Your children are to follow neatly behind you.
  2. You do not park your cart in the middle of an isle so that it is hard for other shoppers to get around it.
  3. If you are interest in a particular section of the shelf you move closer to it in order to compare and read; and that allows others use the store in a better manner.
  4. It is not like a jungle tree where you and your three children sprawl around everywhere!
  5. You keep your voice silent and respectful so as not to:
    a. Distract the thinking of other shoppers.
    b. Cause a scene.
    c. Cause other people to think less of your ability to articulate and express yourself as a mature adult.
    d. Pretend that you do discipline your child. If you had been able to teach that child anything you would not need to raise your voice or otherwise in public.
  6. General advice to other races and foreigners; you smile when you see a white person in respect for them! White people formed this country and the basis of its freedom! We fought with the blood of our sons and fathers to establish freedom! Ask yourself what would happen if there were no longer any white people? You really won't like that answer!
  7. When you are in someones way and they ask you to move you do not say, “Excuse you.” in resentment of white people, you say, “Excuse me,” with a sincere tone or better yet in an effort to right your disambiguation, “Pardon me I am so sorry.”
  8. Your children are not there to dance around and also indicate how they likely can't pay attention in a public school classroom we are all paying to have them educated at! They stay relatively silent and motionless unless they are walking along with you.
  9. Nor do you act like you learned something very important and want everyone to know about it, none of that ostensibly being the good person in public while some of us white people are burdened with voices in our heads from the uncivilized and uncivilized!
  10. Talking between employees and other employees and employees and friends should be kept contrite and to a minimum. That way the public better understands why you should be paid more than the current minimum wage. And it also might lend negligible validity to any complaints you have about working at big box stores.
  11. That child sitting in your shopping cart should not be attempting to rudely stare down white people like the old Sampson Gorilla in the Zoo did.
  12. And if you learned some of this bad behavior through a Judea/black people alliance in the 70's you better unlearn it quick!
  13. If you are shopping with a friend you make every effort to get out of the way when someone needs to pass by with a shopping cart; stand closer to the shelf that you are presumably currently shopping at and facing.
  14. Some of you have probably never been asked to leave a store!!!!  In the future that could happen more frequently!  When I was a kid if you goofed off in a store you were asked to leave.  You'll learn the lessen very fast.  You get to a certain age and you aren't expected to be an active burden to other adults in any way.  And this message applies to people of every color, including Caucasians!  We will eliminate schizophrenia very quickly if we put the kibosh on the ill behaved.

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2014

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Jesus Christ defines Psychiatry is Anti-Semitism 10 19 2014

Jesus Christ defines Psychiatry is Anti-Semitism 10 19 2014

"Everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but the one who blasphemes against the holy Spirit will not be forgiven."  Luke 12:10

Jesus is making a comparison between himself and the holy spirit that is equating the holy spirit to himself in a sense.  Those of us who hear voices are indeed hearing them by those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.  Semitism has the root word semen in it, therefore it is the basis of the Semite belief system!  Jesus, a Jew, is saying you might not like me and can say whatever you want about me, but when my holy human being spirit descends upon you that is life, that is human reality, it is not my fault if you were not educated or taught to learn and are therefore subject to recurrent descentions of my or other Holy Spirits.  Psychiatry seeks to stall the Holy Spirit of a man, a Prophet if you will, so that those who are of the defective mindset are not subjected to recurrent imprintation.  Jesus is saying you can hate me for my great intelligence, moral character and philosophies as a teacher.  A Rabi WAS indeed the word for teacher, and Jesus was one!   In effect it is a way of saying you can hate me but not human learning or teachings!  Jesus is saying that once it leaves him it isn't him anymore; it is the Holy Spirit!  And nothing in the entire history of the Human Race could ever prove more true than that!  Jesus is saying if you are that way and hate the Holy Spirit you will not be forgiven.  Now if those voices taunt you and you become stronger and therefore your Holy Spirit becomes stronger, such to the point that when it is naturally released it causes the mentally defective to seize up and die, that is not your fault!

Now here is the worst thing ever,  what happens when your Holy Spirit is adulterated by drugs such as psychiatric and then it is released?  That might indeed be the cause of autism?  But what caused that, the psychiatrists that drugged that Holy Spirit and also the coven participants you made you hear voices in your head so that he had exhaustion and needed to use their psychiatric drugs.  So she has that mentally retarded child because she indoctrinated humans with drugs that limited their mental capacity or leveled it down to the equivalent of a mental retard; she ought to be crying a river.  We might reach a point in human history whereby very few of us have a legitimate holy spirit to seed the human race with, when that happens will it again come to a choice being made whether a Nuevo Abraham is asked by God to sacrifice a mentally defective son and this time he complies?

Anti Semitism as well as psychiatry can also be thought of as hatred of man (semen = from man=Semite.)

You curse someone because they have no soul and therefore they act like a criminal animal does not mean that you don't still have a Holy Spirit; however when you are cursed for your ability to think for yourself that is an abomination of the Holy Spirit and the Human Race!

There are 313 entries in this Bible search of the Holy Spirit.  It would make for an interesting study.  In it you might see that Jesus's Holy spirit might have been made corrupt through alcohol and he admitted so?


Do females have a Holy Spirit?  The best evidence of this is the pain and mental anguish they go through during her menses.  In order to preserve the Holy Spirit a woman should never drink alcohol or any other substances that cause birth defects; in a word KOSHER!  I have never had the Holy Spirit of a woman descend upon me, however I have heard the voices of women (undergoing menses) in my head?  Attempting to demonically possess?  Perhaps the greatest form of population growth control would be to diagnose those who are of mental defects that make them sub human race and therefore anti Holy Spirit, anti Man and anti Holy Spirit?  Does the child listen with respect to its parents and the teacher?  Can it even listen?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Pardon me Judea America on Rob Lowe 10 19 2014

Pardon me Judea America on Rob Lowe 10 19 2014

I just have to make one comment as I think of the memory of the commercial that makes a comparison of Rob Lowe in the suit to him being a couch potato with a bald head.

Didn’t he go to trial for statutory rape of a 16 year old girl? Wasn’t it on film? And yet after that he played the role in a television series where he was either the President of the United States or a close to it? What am I getting at? I don’t know if statutory rape puts you on the Sexual Predatory website but if it doesn’t I don’t quite understand it. But once you are on that website or convicted as a Sexual Predatory there are many neighborhoods where you can no longer live! Does anyone get it? American Jewish controlled media portrays this man as being President of the United States or close to it and per new legislation and appropriate interpretation he would not even be allowed to live in my neighborhood? And we really don’t need the wool pulled over our eyes and have some mealy mouth try and tell us that even though there was a video of it he was not guilty of it; like it or not Judea America some of us are not as dense as you would like us to be!

I believe the age where they can have sex in Israel is indeed 16. And while I am on that whole Israel bit. Last night I watched two You Tube videos showing how mean Jews in Israel were to Christians. One Jewish teenager was yelling at people in their home and telling them they didn’t belong there because God gave him that land! He was yelling “ We killed Jesus and we are proud of it.” I just have one question for Judea America, is that voice of God that told you that you could have all that land one of the same one’s that speaks to me in my head? Can you prove to me that was God talking to you in your head when he/she said all that land was yours. Can you prove to me that wasn’t your mother talking to you in your head? Can you prove to me that your mother isn’t part of a Coven talking to me in my head? Can you prove to me that the origin of that voice isn’t from a mentally retarded person with a defective hippocampus that can’t learn via its own personal experience? Now before you also call me a Nazi. Can you prove to me that the Lilith that the ancient Jews greatly feared is not one and the same as the voice that talks to me and purportedly some Jew a long time ago telling them all that land belongs to them? Oh let’s see, if a voice told me that a farmers money in a safe in his house really belongs to me I would know a lot better than to go and get it! But then again what if his wife was Lilith?

I watched leering eyed men with curly wax goat like dreadlocks dressed in black spit on Christians and chase them away from their homes like they were animals. It showed how Palestinian children are killed today just as the Nazi’s killed Jewish children. And immediately I thought what United States President gave this country Billions of United States dollars every year and why? Did it start with Woodrow Wilson? Did Wilson himself have Wilsons syndrome of low IQ and high verbal ability (manipulative ability in lie of personal knowledge and aptitude i.e. an ACTOR); I have wondered in recently.

I know how the desperation of the weak minded thinks! If we put this man on television acting very serious like he is a leader of a country some day he will make a good leader of the country. It is the act as if you are something until everyone really believes you are. Per my knowledge that is how we got our first actor President Ronald Reagan. From time to time we also see various actors on television asked the same leading question, “Some people say you are considering running for politics, is that true?” And what did we learn about Reagan only in hindsight after someone attempted to shoot him and we got gun control measures because of that; that every single decision he made he consulted with a Fortune Teller who attended the Jewish Woman’s University of Vassar. Some men have to ask their wives what to do? His wife determined that they should ask a fortune teller. For all we know the God that said you could have that land wasn’t really a MAN of the Prophet type that your single mother was begging to in order to be blessed in some way. Can you prove that when I think mentally defective people don’t hear it in their minds as if it is the voice of God? If so listen very carefully here is what God is telling you today. “You can no longer beg to get your way!” “All that land another God gave to you I have declared that I am taking from you!” “You are very genetically similar to the Palestinians, therefore you will be required to live in the following manner. One house a Palestinian family and the next house a Jewish family and so forth.” “Oh and all that money the United States lent to you? Some figures put it at $3,000,000,000.oo a year? You will be required to pay all of that back to the United States at the same retroactive Interest Rate that United States citizens who lose their homes have to pay on their bank credit accounts 20 percent.”  Figure out the net present value of that amount and you will see that all of Israel's wealth was given to it by the United States!  A lot of the poor over here what that Dividend check today!

These are the video's I watched.



That is the exact same bum rush treatment I got working as an Equity Research Analyst in the Investment Business in Milwaukee and Chicago!!!!

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Petition to create Citizen Ownership of all Professional Sports TEAM's 10 19 2014

Petition to create Citizen Ownership of all Professional Sports TEAM’s 10 19 2014

Sign here to get check from it!


That’s right you get paid every time that they play! The “Start Up” owners should only be allowed to recoup the initial investment. In some cases that is already the taxpayer through sales tax to finance stadiums (coliseums). We should not be lead to believe that our Banking and infrastructure system needs to be reliant on the wealthy.

As such the salaries of all players are to be capped at $100,000.oo and you guessed it the rest of the money over and above that goes to the Citizen! And perhaps it should be tax free income to the Citizen?

The dedicated professional athlete is not allowed to keep any money for advertisement/agreements either! Over and above that $100,000.oo goes to the taxpayer.

And no we don’t need any transition periods or settlement fees. We just do it.

Why? It is far too much of this old Mr. Foreign Money Bags is being such a benefit to our local economy principle. Also we need to stress academic learning and take the motivation not to learn away from those who would just seek athletic careers! We don’t need generation after generation of Prince Magog Goliaths to have to contend with. I am tired of the pistol whipped ogre being the celebrity that boys are supposed to look up to.

And what happens when a professional athlete doesn’t meet the standard of professionalism? Such as he knocks out his wife with a straight right to the jaw in the elevator? Well than we send him off to fight in a War that our War mongering Government heretofore was sending the honest and brave American young men who lived and played by the rules to!

Sign here to get a check in the mail from it!


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Health Secrets 10 19 2014 Constipation aid, lower back pain, personal hygiene, etc.

Health Secrets 10 19 2014 Constipation aid, lower back pain, personal hygiene, etc.

As you are sitting on the toilet press down on where your upper leg bones meet your hip bones to get that extra amount!

The ancient Egyptians were said to be obsessed with finding ways to cure constipation per the Papyrus Ebers.

Can too much bile and stomach acid digest your own internal organs and bones over time; one wonders as to the cause of osteoporosis and the modern diet.

Do you have hip and lower back pain? Eliminate all soda and sugar and coffee from your diet! You might find you are better rather quickly. Try taking a Country Life Calcium and Magnesium pill to help repair that damage t o. Also every time you go to the bathroom to defecate make sure to wash your butt with a white towel and a washcloth. Not only the anus but first the surrounding cheeks. Why? Because that feces contains e-coli and other germs that could indeed lead to inflammation of your lower back and hips is if stays on your skin! Those wash clothes cost about $4.99 for 18 at the Ubiquitous Big Box Store. You can put a little liquid soap on the wet towel, the sale type that costs $1 for a bottle. And make sure to clean the towel immediately after use with soap and water, dry and put in the bin going to the laundry.

Also as a man who hears voices I can tell you that 600 milligrams of Selenium (that is 3 pills) by Futurebiotics is like a tranquilizer to me! It has to do with replenishing your reproductive system! More energy goes into your reproduction than any other part of your body! In essence it is Gods way of ensuring the longevity of the human species?

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A delusion can be thought of as a lie to oneself 10 15 2014

A delusion can be thought of as a lie to oneself 10 15 2014

Commentary on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article "Man gets life with no parole" written by Bruce Vilmetti

1. When parents don't properly discipline their children they allow them to maintain lies and therefore delusions?
2. Alcohol, Marijuana and other psychoactive drugs are known to cause delayed development in teenagers.  The dictionary definition of the word retard means to "Delay the development of" hence they cause mental retardation!  Do these drugs and the mental retardation they cause contribute to people like Dan Bartelt's criminal behavior!  Without a doubt! 
3. I believe this he will always be a threat to society even though I have not ruled out that he might have committed those crimes due to demonic possession.  I believe that the Death Penalty clears the issue up extremely fast in cases of sexual molestation of children, pimping and drug dealing.  I also think of it this way, it is better off that he get the death penalty for many reasons.  Lets say that it was demonic possession and while in prison it abates; society has yet to address the factors which would cause an immediate rebound to it happening to him again!
A.  A prison more or less should be for those who you believe can be reformed. (A man steals a loaf of bread to live.) You wouldn't want to go there and be exposes to those who can't.  I want to use the example of the Any Griffith show where the harmless town drunk is the usual prisoner for a day or two.)  
B.  Perhaps defendant's are in a state of shock from being in prison before testifying which changes their testimony for better or worse (Because of who is in there already that should be executed.)
C.  Once you execute the bad you start to address the cause of them being bad in a real hurry!  REAL HURRY!
D.  I also believe that White Collar Criminals should get the death penalty if the amount is over a certain amount, say $1,000,000.oo dollars!  This leads to economic equality and less poor who are more likely to go to any length to get food?

What is even more odd than anything else is that the father of the daughter who was killed told the killer that he loved him?  Who is more retarded here and why?  that equates to, "I love you for raping and murdering my daughter?"  "I love you because I personally identify with your weakness or personal defect to kill innocent people with all the beautiful potential in the world."  On that note isn't it like there is an ape among us who hate it when a normal human being achieves success through their own determination and effort"

And the newspaper failed to mention which college he attended and why he dropped out!  Ever leave a college or corporation and you never ever hear from them ever again?  What am I getting at?  If you told them you didn't believe they had the credibility to teach or manage in business you would be told you were burning your own bridges?  So they never ask and you never say!  I am not afraid to say!  And I can articulate just how awful some every day people really are!

I am about ready to give up on this writing.  It might be more healthy for me to just be of the Devils Advocate opinion.  Just do whatever you like and don't worry about getting caught!  I don't follow it myself but it seems to be going against the grain to attempt to teach anyone anything different than that!

Did he leave college because of alcoholism or the affect of it?  Is his crime a reflection or reaction to what might have happened to him in college (or some other time in his life) and the reason he left?

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
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