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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Have you survived Psychiatric medicine and now have lower back pain here is a remedy 10 01 2014

Have you survived Psychiatric medicine and now have lower back pain here is a remedy 10 01 2014

Just a tiny lick. like one eighth of a capsule of N-Acetyl-Tyrosine the precursor to Dopamine before you go to bed at night and you will be free of back pain in the morning!

It helps more than the epidermal back shot and 4 years of physical therapy!

It also helps kidney function, and your ability to sleep, as well as bowel function and apparently prostate and testicle function.

For some reason those drugs defeated and killed receptors in your body that are responsible for nerve transmission even in the crucial area of the spinal cord and spinal cord metabolism!

And I am only posting this because it helped me so much!  May not work for you!

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The Simple and Fraudulently neglected Concept of a Lesbian being a woman who believes she can be a better man than a man

The Simple and Fraudulently neglected Concept of a Lesbian being a woman who believes she can be a better man than a Man10 01 2014
1. Spitefully deny it!
2.The motivation being a non-belief in their own father? Think Dick Cheney.
3. The motivation being a strong identification with her father and life with a bad or mean mother?
4. The construct being an invalid mother figure (a drunk or druggie) whereby there wasn't a proper mother female mind for her to bond or "imprint" to?
5.  The motivation being of one of a calling for help in life!  Putting out a call for help sign by asking for attention?  The statement being, "If the real men don't come out and rectify my life's history I am going to wreak havoc on this world."

When you read the Constitution and compare it to the Current laws and legal interpretations do you come to the Conclusion that one was of the factors cited in the Declaration of Independence, "The king rewrote our laws!"

Are women a major factor in rewriting our laws for the above reason?

What you are going to find out is that you will suffer from your bad interpretations as is the case already in many political issues!  In other words the worst thing for the spoiled brat or willful person is to allow them to have their own way on every single issue!

Why is she attempting to fulfill the gender role of a male?  That is the question that isn't asked and isn't answered.  The reason is that she was raised to believe in a neutral gendered mind by living off the thoughts of a demonized one? 

Men's brains are wired a lot differently than men and they are 10% larger!  And it was indeed men who fought for what the United States believed in Freedom!  That freedom doesn't mean whimsically interpretation of the laws created to document and preserve freedom!

Now the son of a woman like that will often go out of his way to create acts he thinks are strong actions of men.  That men will appeal to!  But just the opposite is true!  And what they really appeal to is a false ideology of strength promoted by the above archetype of a woman.

So I have just drawn you my artistic literary impressions of both Mary Burke and Scott Walker!!!

The concept of fairness the sore loser believes in is, "It's not fair that some men are so much smarter than I! We better put them on medicine for my benefit."  Is this the concept of fairness Barrack Obama believes in?  He was raised by a woman.
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Originally published on 10 01 2014 at: www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.com

Weakening our Strengths 10 01 2014

Weakening our Strengths 10 01 2014

If a communist or monarchy country wanted to conquer the United States the first thing they would attempt to do would be to analyze our competitive strengths and then weaken them!

What were our core strengths? The intelligence, pragmatism and ingenuity of American men!

So how would they weaken that? First they would have to find a way to make those men lose confidence in their ability or disable them!

Why did I think of this? I was replacing an air filter in our Buick Lacrosse today without reading the directions! What I realized from memory of the prior time I changed it is that the directions are more complicated and include two steps that doesn't need to be done that is extremely frustrating! Hence to create more waste and drive more money into dealerships!

What am I getting at? The American who follows those harder directions becomes frustrated with the idea of working on his own care and developing personal ingenuity!

I won't mention how the transition to the metric system was a total waste and fiasco that favored communist countries! Or that George Bush whose family money came from a Nazi Steel company bank transfer to America. And that he was chosen by Reagan due to the explicit advice of a Fortune Teller that attended Vassar University. Or that Nazi Germany was really communism in itself because they admitted at the War crime trials that they did everything that they could using radio type technology to create a nation of 80 million DEPENDENT MINDED!

So when you refuse to surrender your independent mindedness as American Eugenicist and president of the University of Wisconsin Madison stated that one must do for the needs of (Corporate controlled) industry, what are you? You are a normal man. And what do they do to you? They want to medicate you for that personal initiative! So right then and there they have turned Americas greatest strength into its greatest weakness! Psychiatry is communism as is Judaism!  Because Corporate America proliferated on the basis of and after that declaration, "One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry," it means Corporate America too is Communism!
The suspicious irony is that Putin doesn't like the United States because it is exactly what he believes in so strongly, Communism!  Do you see the iterations a conflict with Russia could easily lead to and how the United States could easily be conquered because of it?  Perhaps it is best illustrated by the fact that when top high school athletes enter basic training they are found to be crying sissies!  The Communist infrastructure of one mind for all under the veil of the medical fraud of schizophrenia is here already!  When a cop shoot's a schizophrenic what they really hate are men!  And what is the poor blue collar worker as well as the rich liquor cabinet owner; they are the sons and daughters of alcoholic and therefore do not have the true brain structures of men.  A Milwaukee Police officer told me this he said a Doctor showed him on a X ray how his brain was wired differently and there was nothing they could do about it!
But what is the commonality? It is a mental disorder caused by a brain abnormality, likely from fetal alcohol syndrome, whereby the women (and both sex children) get to feel empowered as if they are men by sharing the minds of a strong human being (typically male?) In this effect the mind is DE gendered in favor of money.  The De- gendered mind is the pack, tribal or animal mind!
Just read the Constitution and you get the great sense that they loathed the degendered mind!

And we know that it is not all Jews who are involved in the Conspiracy because some of them to are victimized by the medical fraud of schizophrenia; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it fraud.

But when they did that they also took the human races greatest strength and weakened it didn't they!

The big joke is that Putin wants to spread communism throughout the entire world? It is already here
If Putin wants world Communism he isn't going to get it!  But I would be happy to give him every person in the United States that is actively causing the problems here and Communism here! Then the United States becomes what it was meant to be and we lead with such integrity that no other nation is our foe!

And then the whole cycle of conflict starts over because they can't for the life of them understand why men are smarter.  And hence they attack us out of envy and jealousy!  You can take ashen faced Vodka momma back to Russia today!
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The Diagnosis of a Sadist 10 01 2014

You never hear of a wealthy sadist going to see a psychiatrist because they don't want to hurt people any more and need something to take for it 10 01 2014

But what does everyone who goes to a psychiatrist because they hear voices in their heads feel like?  A victim!

Jeffrey Dahmer was at least three things in one;

1.  A sadist.
2.  A homosexual.
3.  A serial killer.

Being a sadist is a precursor to violent criminal actions?  So that diagnosis would be helpful! And there ought to be simple tests that a person can take to reveal it.  For example having them watch violent acts while monitoring their physiological response to see if they enjoy the scenes!  For example it could be used to screen candidates out of positions in the police force, politics, health care and corporate management.

When you look at some of the famous child molesters such as Jimmy Silva or Catholic Priests what do you determine?  That they were wealthy!  Now this is very key!  Perhaps the IRS can say that because religion is not for profit it means that priests who are wealthy have indeed engaged in organized crime and therefore should be taxed?  I am getting at the way the IRS caught John Dillinger, they had more money than someone like them should have had per the job description!  What I am getting at is people who love money more than people! A sadist does not love people!  Hence what else is there for them to love but money and animals?

What do all those three traits above have in common?  They all defy the image of man!

What was Jeffrey Dahmers blood type?  Was it Rh-?  I believe that the public should be able to view the database of genetic information of those who are charged with committing crimes and those who have been convicted of them.  For example what if we discovered that greater than 80% of child molesters had Rh- blood type but for some reason the Justice department never made that fact known to the American people?

There is great symbolism regarding blood in the Bible.  It starts off in the story of Genesis.

Dahmer is also a GER-man surname.  And Ger is the Hebrew word for strange.  Who gave Germany the title of Germany after it was just Dutch?  Was it Adolf Hitler who had the Jewish haplotype gene?

You have to wonder if Sadists don't have a secret private meeting place for group activity?  Whereby they chant, "I like to molest (means bother) and there is nothing wrong with it."  Then they all laugh giddily!  A place where they can forgive each other for what they are?

A sadist might even like putting a label on a poison, getting government approval to sell it and prescribing it to people long term?

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The goal of the voices is to incite you to:

How many find this to be the validity of their personal experience too?
The goal of the voices is to incite you to:

1. Take actions that ruin your life.
2. Take actions that end your life.
3. Take actions that defy your confidence in yourself through guilt that is impressed upon you.
4. Take actions that seek to defy any self confidence you have in yourself or your ability and hence abandon your functions and become a medicated person that can no longer use their higher mind capability.
5. To transfer life energy from you to the person who is speaking to you.

You can tell what their goal was by what actions you took after you heard them.  It is kind of like winding the key in the back of a toy, putting a mask over its eye's and then claiming any destruction it caused was its fault.  It is also like when they put a rope around a bulls back and its penis and then give it an electric shock with a prod before they send it out into the rodeo barnyard with a brave rider on its back.
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mary Burke should have responded 09 30 2014

Mary Burke should have responded 09 30 2014

"What do I look like, a walking dictionary."  When asked for the exact definition of plagiarism.

But seriously Scott Walker has a valid point! 

The Democrats stole a color scheme from one of my paintings.  And also some of the wording from Obama's former speeches came straight out of my Milwaukee and Wisconsin News online Newspaper.

The day after I wrote I believed in fairness Barrack came and stated that as his policy when we had not heard it from him before!

The tearing down vacant houses that were an attractive nuisance was me.

I also wrote about voter ID.

And campus rape.

Seemingly long before they became political concepts.

Better to get your policy straight from the schizophrenic than the Vassar fortune teller that put words in Reagans pre-Alzheimer's clapping nabob mouth.

And you should know I believe the Repupublicaarty is just as guilty of stealing policy and ideas without giving credit to the source!

Plagiarism is a telltale sign of "One mind for all Communism," under the veil of schizophrenia.  Moredturbing is that a Lesbian Burke committed it!  Is she reaaboto tell us a revelation ad gt all lesbians and gays.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Queen Georges Law 09 30 2014 Humorous but not really

Invention tools needed 09 30 2014

"If you say anything derogatory about blacks, gay's or retards you get sent to prison to get 'fu7k3d' by them!"

Contrast that to the MAN's law was formed by the Founding Fathers they wanted you to speak up about every single thing that you didn't like in your opinion, without any fear whatsoever of doing so! That is how the Constitution is to be interpreted.  And when someone takes an oath to protect the Constitution and then defies that oath it is an impeachable offense!!!  But what should happen when no one around is smart enough to figure that out while it happens because they were all put on medicine?  Shouldn't there be consequences after the fact to that President when he is no longer in office and willfully broke the Constitution he took an oath to protect?

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy
originally published on 09 30 2014 at: www.themilwaukeeandwisconsinnews.blogspot.com

The greatest threat to all Democracies is some slick mouthed male with Wilson's Syndrome of high verbal ability and low IQ getting into office and pulling the wool over our eye's like just that above!