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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I go downstairs to my bandsaw and cut at toy gun out of wood and sell it for $10 online. I don't see how it can ever be said I did something wrong

Theme: A bad person driven insane through the ineffectiveness of their own meanness! 04 28 2015

There is one BANK that has NEVER issued me a credit card 04 28 2015

There is one BANK that has NEVER issued me a credit card  04 28 2015

And it is the same bank that used the actor, in commercials, that starred in horror movie where a couple visit Chicago and everything turns out wrong from them!  And no one wanted to help them.

I want that bank to lose its charter!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Hubris is the Voice Hearers best weapon against the 6od's 04 28 2015

Hubris is the Voice Hearers best weapon against the 6od's 04 28 2015

(Plus bonus article “What is Hebephrenic?”

You have heard the phrase, “Hubris is the enemy of the Gods,” and now I will tell you why.

It is never that you don't like “you” but the odd freak that is with you that doesn't want you to like you. Their energy pattern will even change your facial appearance! Just look at the before and after hearing voices photo comparisons! Your appearance will even change from being forced to hear a “different” voice! (We are getting into what the Catholic faith asserts when they say they gave Jesus all their pain and suffering! To give means to transfer.

Always know that they are with you because you are good and normal and that is what they seek to be.

Hubris or Pride brings your original appearance back to you! Pride is not a sin, it is the true reward for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and achievement! To call it a sin means that you Envy personal development because you feel that you cannot. So in effect one who asserts pride is a sin bears false witness against themselves. And there are indeed those who were given everything in life who have false pride, false pride is a sin.

But HUBRIS brings your original appearance back to you and that is why it is the enemy of the 6ods. I use the spelling 6od's to make an emphatic point.

In ancient history non heathenized rabbis (means teacher) marked the mentally retarded on the forehead first with






Then they cut it off so the person would die.

6od is bad scribing penmanship for 666. That is a retard! 6Od or God therefore is a mentally retarded or heathenized person!!!!


Or another interpretation might be the “good” the Rabbi's sought to victimize in order to use as learning muses! And this is indeed consistent with the son's of darkness from the Dead Sea Scrolls. But in this case God means true human and better! (How many psychiatrists are Jewish or Jewish equivalent today?)


Either way the gestalt is a retard learning directly from a human soul.

So take a deep breath and feel HUBRIS; it kills them for it is the enemy of the 6od's!

As you do this the voices will resort to humor to prevent you from staying in the brain wave of Hubris!

The U.S. Is not being managed like a democracy but rather a “Collecterate!”

Perhaps all Government functions throughout the world accept social security to those who hear voices need to be eliminated! Now that is HUBRIS! The people who believe in the exact opposite of that receive millions of dollars in political handouts/gifts!


Your human reason and human conscience are the essence of human life and that is why they are drawn to you and to possessing it! To prove that they are better through cheating? Your very existence threatens every fiber of their self esteem! By defeating you and your human mind through attrition they attempt to prove a lesser species/animal; is better! If they had what you have cognitively they would not need to bother you (molest your mind.)

Only about 1 to 2% of us and our honest families belong here! The parasite hates itself and transfers all aggression from that self hatred onto you! Again the Catholic faith declaring what a scapegoat is for at virtually every mass!


Can you remember when someone was jealous of you as a child? Can you remember when the parent of another child expressed jealousy towards you? In adult life this same archetype of person does to by pretending to fulfill a role better than you do or they want you to believe better than you could!


Bonus article element “What is Hebephrenic?”

It means that you drove those who are talking to you in your head stir crazy for (illegible word) you! You didn't intentionally do this however! It occurred naturally as you strived very hard to maintain the integrity of your human conscience and reason! It is as if they are attempting to slither out of it! In effect they made themselves your own personal comedian by attempting to demonize your mind! Now can you see why they would get so pissed at the dynamic of that that they would have to label you as having a mental illness? They went so crazy that all they can do is say things that you think are hysterical, they made a mental slave of themselves of happiness to you and they want to negate that! They want to empower themselves though the opposite construct; your human mind being a literary (scribe) muse!
The person labeled hebephrenic just reasserted the natural order of normal mind versus defective, good King versus jester, Prophet versus fool; teachers son versus junkie/drunks son.

Special Bonus

Children (in families with a history of hearing voices mental illness) need to develop a special mental dialog for what they do when they are working. Calling tools something silly only in their minds and not verbally. This throws off those who are attempting to ape you while also tempting to verbally better you after aping your mind. A child will come to learn what part of their conscience can indeed be trusted!

A child will often be defeated from the focus of personal accomplishment by the coldness of not being verbally proficient with what they are working at? An adult wanting to intrude into the happiness of the brainwave of the working mind to stifle it? A child doesn't need to articulate a working and relaxed brain wave! To do so would be an unhappy parent stealing their childhood! So whatchamacallit and thinga mo bob are good ways for a child to think of tools while using them and indeed the child knows exactly what they are called and what their names are! However their focus is on the happiness of learning to use tools! Finding a oneness with the physical world rather than depersonalization through labeling? You used the tool better but the pinched nose woman wanted to prove you didn't so she attempts to discredit your verbal ability?

Something like that.

Take a deep breath and feel that Hubris!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, April 27, 2015

African Carribbean Immigrants to the UK have a 6 times higher rate of Schizophrenia 04 27 2015

African Caribbean Immigrants to the UK have a 6 times higher rate of Schizophrenia 04 27 2015

The word that describes the cause is Imperialism.

Now you know that I know that Schizophrenia is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it fraud.

So what does that amount to?  UK based national racism!

Charles Summers, an American Abolitionist, stated it best in one of his speeches.   To the effect of the slave masters vocabulary coming directly from the minds of his traumatized slaves!

It is relevant in terms of the Dontre Hamilton shooting. 

So if I told you they wanted to eliminate blacks you would ask me why.

My answer would be that Imperialist UK has its sights on the Great Lakes!  And they want to start it in Milwaukee?

Look at the gestalt of this next image:

That is the gestalt of a fat English satanic seeing woman's cork hole.  Right there as a marker in the heart of Milwaukee!

It is orientated as if she has her sights on the Great Lakes.

It is also a British Flag!

The Irish have not had a flag since 1916!  Puts WWI and WWII into perspective.

That orange on the flag signifies Irish traitors to Great Britain!  That is why I have never bought that Irish Flag and I never will!

Match the orange on the Irish flag up to the orange on the British flag sculpture and you get the idea of the satanic money maker they use to take their money as well as conquer nations and men.

Put's the goal of normalizing gay marriage into perspective too.  They want to make it like it is in China whereby a woman doesn't succeed in business unless she has sex with the business mans son.  Accept it is more like the story of Lot where they want to have sex with your son before he makes it; normalization of homosexuality in marriage!

They're here, they're queer and they are full of junk DNA.

The UK has many of those Caribbean Islands as part of their domain.  Indeed they pumped the U.S. full of pot from Jamaica.  The blacks feel a great sense of nationalism with the UK.  UNTIL!  Until they move to England!!!  Then the truth comes out!

So how mentally depraved are the English really?  Due to Queen Victoria's influence on the U.S. all the boy's wore dresses and the girls pants here, until about 1920 when someone had the idea to ban alcohol and sober up the United States.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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If your cognition is reactionary and dependent minded to a human being you should not be officiating in Government

Alberta Lessard looks like a True Saint to me 04 27 2015