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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Concept of ruining neighborhoods and cities 10 25 2014

The Concept of ruining neighborhoods and cities 10 25 2014

The concept of bad people ruining neighborhoods and countries in order to make corrupt "kingdoms" out of them that they rule has to end everywhere in the world!

It's like you are an anachronism that crawled out of history and don't belong with us!

You got evicted out of Italy and now you are putting the United States to that test too?

If you believe the United States doesn't know how to fight a Holy War itself you should read United States history a little more carefully.

What is the belief that a Corporation is a person?  Because it defies human reason and human  conscience and can never be proven that is a religious belief.  It is also veiled communism! "Congress can make no law respecting an establishment of religion."  They have never gotten this one right!  The OPERATIVE WORD IS RESPECTING!!!  Also establishment is past/present tense!  It means you cannot create the kind of country the Founding Fathers fled from!  It means you cannot make your own laws that defy human reason and human conscience.  Now there is an amendment to the Constitution on the referendum of the ballot that I am going to vote on! I will give you the exact text in a bit.     But we shouldn't even have to vote on it.  It is like having to put a sign on the bathroom doors of law schools and law offices, "Please flush toilet when done pooping."  Vulgarity included to put something complicated that professionals should know and respect into laymen's terms that are disambiguos.  It is like having to put a sign on your front door before you leave the house for work, please put pants and underwear on before going to work.  Do you get it?  If we had professionals in government and men in government since 1932 we would never face this issue!  We would never have oddball interpretations like a corporation is really a person.  Even a first grader can look a person and a corporate logo and know they are not the same.  The first corporations were burial groups in Italy?  Or pirates for hire by the queen who were indemnified for their actions by the queen?  And Britain itself gets its word origin from tattoo!  White people that want black skin?  Something like that.

Italian organized crime facilitated the drug trade in the United States it is it creating bad neighborhoods and degrading us to bad kingdoms.  I don't believe any single one of them should be allowed to be in positions where they are responsible for people.  And if you want to drill it down a bit and declare that it is only the ones with Rh- blood, or a defective serotonin regulation gene, or dyslexia, or some other miscegenation genotype please do so.  I think of the phrase" Black Fitzwilliams head" in  the song about old Carlow whereby they state that the English who invaded Ireland had black heads!  The Irish Republican Army got its start because some women had a dozen children, and they were a menace to society in untold ways?  I will have to research that.  Was she a prostitute whore?  A police man in Milwaukee told me that it was common for wealthy women to prostitute themselves here.  Whatever all that is, it doesn't belong in the United States!

One more point, those people in Europe, Asia, Latin America don't believe the United States can fight a Holy War?  Read your United States History!  Those are the only wars we fought, Civil and Revolutionary.  But as for Black Bushes, Reagans, Clintons and Obamas Wars those might not be legitimate.  And when you look at what FDR slipped by us his wasn't either.  If he were not in office there might not have been a WWII or even a genocide in Germany!

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Reproductive Rights 10 25 2014

Reproductive Rights 10 25 2014

It is listed on the White House .gov website as an issue so I am going to comment on it!

Text missing here.....

Look at how much the son of a woman hates anything that is true! Why would you want someone like that to reproduce? Only if you hated male intelligence. You talk to some and they are not on the same wavelength. They can't comprehend simple things your father taught you!

The Jews in Israel understand this issue full well. They claim that God said that people are going to be their slaves but only if they want them as slaves! God told them that.

Gay marriage rights.

With all the fuss they are causing I am wondering if they would not be emotionally happier people if they were sterilized? Which brings up another question, “How does sex/reproduction drive establish itself in a gay person? What do it mean in that case? What are the implications?” Is it so bad that they would have normal human beings take antipsychotic medicine that completely ruined their sex drive?

But on women versus men. As I was growing up I quickly realized that in some things my mother was more level headed and therefore smarter than my father. I was at a concert once where a lesbian stated she liked her male roommate better than her female lover because he was more responsible around the house! Now I am touching on an issue I have yet to articulate fully; but I believe that some women never get a true image of what a man is supposed to be and act like as they are growing up!!! And this segue's me into the next part.

I bet if you made a video of a gay man just talking about his opinions on men, life and the physical world and showed it to a lesbian and gave her an easy questionnaire on it. But then asked her a slip in question that you really wanted to know the answer to for the whole thing, “Would you like to have that mans child?” Assuming it is a Lesbian that wants to be artificially inseminated, and assuming the homosexual was the ugly one with the likely curl in the back of his tongue that gives him a buzzhole voice, the one that they keep showing on the local news getting married, I bet that lesbian would quickly answer no or hit the gong button.

Now this leads me to my next logical conclusion.

I believe that the lesbian envies the thinking of “real” men more than anything else on earth. And by real men I am not talking about a lantern jaw Burt Reynolds type, but rather those with non defective hippocampus's that can think for themselves!

Which brings up a new philosophical proverb, “Envy implies desire! And therefore there is danger in the motive!”

Now not all lesbians are nice. Some are so wicked that it defies human reason. So they do indeed like the image of the feminized man because it levels there sense of self empowerment above that of men. And I touched on the issue of not have a good (non-defective hippo campus) father figure in the home as a reason for this above.

If you were to eliminate the me who can't think for themselves and therefore their actions are no longer happening in the world, would there be a single lesbian? I just look at Draconian crooked tooth Cheney and him being part of torture and then think of him having a lesbian daughter; and wonder what his genetic profile is.

The question becomes will those who believe in Gay marriage take the idea to the extreme that it will amount to acts of aggression and sterility against those who are not gay?

You see this issue weighs heavily on my human conscience in just the opposite way as it did when I was younger! I don't see how you let someone without their own mind reproduce. I believe that those women who do not have their own mind should be paired with those who do, currently that is the schizophrenic whose mind is dunned by voices therefore indicating a high demand for his human thinking. And what about the men who cannot think for themselves. To me they should not be able to reproduce and pass on that drone feature that causes aggression to the real image of man; that with a human conscience and human reason. The social reforms of FDR's new deal program were indeed based on Nazi American eugenics and the belief that the larger man, the Goliath would prevail in times of hardship! Just the opposite is true, the Goliath is indeed creating times of hardship through negligence! He has no vision for the future of humanity because he can't even think for himself. The Goliath and his pygmied version have infested corporate management and polluted the world in a 2 for me and none for you doctrine. That dolt that can't think for himself can't teach. More to the point he doesn't want to even learn! He is lost in a dream world whereby the apex of achievement is to play a childhood game for a living! I do not believe that non-schizophrenic males; meaning those defined to be dependent minded via brain scans and other means should be able to reproduce! That which cannot think for itself is not a you-man, it is an animal among humans! And that makes the trend de-evolution. Is there evidence that this might be a different species among us? Yes there is evidence of a genetic flaw in the gene that regulates serotonin and therefore the reward mechanism for achievements and also sexual desires. Now to put the exclamation point on the topic one of the drugs that is used to treat those who hear voices causes men to grow breasts. So it has happened already and drastic reforms are going to be needed to correct this problem in our world!

And I am well aware of where my articulate falls through the cracks, because when it fails to transform into writing is indeed when an odd auditory noise is disturbing my thinking! But my words still remain true even though you are not able to read the complete synthesis of them because some beast doesn't want it articulated. You are allowed freedom to think because you are allowed freedom of speech; therefore it is unconstitutional to medicate a single human being with (for great profit) psychiatric drugs!

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Bonus topic. Why lesbians should be against marriage equality.  It makes the white heterosexual couple less competitive!  And new young women are only produced by the heterosexual couple.  Now if lesbians like the look of beautiful women as I do they would never want a heterosexual white couple to have less competitive advantage by giving greater rights to a homo couple; why?  It means less beautiful young women are created in traditional families.  And less candidates for them to desire?  There are not as many pretty women today as their used to be!  It is like the Magog listed above have taken them under false pretense of being responsible me who could think for themselves!

I always believed that if I were to have had children they would be better than average looking and good people that made a positive contribution to society.  Not two for me none for you takers who pollute the world with toxins and banana peals.

Lower Back and hip pain remedy 10 25 2014

Lower Back and hip pain remedy 10 25 2014

I am telling you what works very well for me.  It might not work for you!  And sometimes when I think about it I am surprised that it worked so well for me.

But if you have lower back and hip pain as I do what helps me is to run up a steep hill!!!!  For some reason that activates the muscles that are compressed from sitting or makes them more uniform from hips to lower back and increases that oneness metabolism?  Perhaps it breaks down Uric acid crystals that form there and are hard to go away (like gout in the toe is?)  Do uric acid crystals or gout lead to a heart attack from a dislodged blood clot?  And perhaps the greater question draws an analogy to snow flakes not being able to form without dust in the air, that is what they taught us in Catholic School.  That teacher read Smithsonian and Scientific American, I believe per my memory.  But the question then becomes can uric acid only crystallize in the presence of bacteria in the body such as H. pylori or other intestinal bacteria that have colonized parts of the body?

Anyway, it helps to run a little bit or exercise a little bit before you run up the hill!  Stretching is very good!  Don't ever be ashamed to stretch in public before exercise.  To do otherwise means you lack human conscience or reason?  When I see a person stretching it looks like the beauty of the human art form to me.

And maybe the symbolism of why it works is it your way of informing the God who created your body that you are not done in life; you have hills of despots to conquer?

As always consult the person who pays insurance on the advice he gives before you start a medical treatment, program or exercise (exorcise? Homonym disambiguation?)  Wait a minute you pay his insurance on that matter for him don't you; it comes out of the fee you pay the Doctor.  You know out of the fee Obama (Barry = Barrack) mandated we all have to pay.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Aha why the Bible is all the word of God even though it is many peoples speeches and writing 10 24 2014

Aha why the Bible is all the word of God even though it is many peoples speeches and writing 10 24 2014

It took me awhile to get this!  But after reading Luke I did!  They are constantly asking each other who they are!  Are you a messiah, are you the son of man, are you a prophet!  These are people who heard instead of thinking for themselves!  When they heard someone thinking they believed themselves to be them!  They were You-Mans.

So if you don't hear others thinking but you hear voices what are you?  The Bible tells us that Adam and Eve where the first humans (you-mans) and that they were (past tense) Jews.  If they were Jews it means that those who managed the Garden of Eden and kicked them out were Jews too!  And those Jews of the Garden were Gods!  So if Jews were Gods it means that is what you are today; if you hear voices and do not hear thoughts. 

If you read history you will see that there was an era in Greece whereby it is referred to those who hear or something like that.  "He was a hearer of (So and so)" or This person had their own school of thought.  And it is indeed a straight literal interpretation.   Now way back then not every one of the people evidently had developed their own minds; and instead they heard others?  And indeed that is also alluded to when the Jews were only freed from Egypt when they had the same dream or could interpret it; meaning they were one mind with that person.

The reason the Bible is all the word of God is because that is who God was; those that they heard!  And perhaps Amos say's it best when he bellows, "I am the God of host's."  Hosts (likely meaning prophets) for those who did not have their own mind due to an undeveloped or defective hippo campus.

All well and good but us with our own minds should never have to suffer because we are normal; at the hands of those who don't!  It has been 2000 years, those who need our minds today are an anachronism; something that is out of time and place!  All well and good for them but not for you!  Our Constitution protects us from this cr@p!  You actually expect the tail to lead the dog for the future of humanity?  Are you really that confident?  What happens when the musical chairs stop and there aren't any of us who have our own minds left?  If you could have gotten along on your own we would have never heard voices in our heads to the degree we did!

I kind of proved that if you hear voices you are both one race better and also a Jewish God.

So back to my Bible search on one.


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Here is what the Bible says on Professional Sports10 24 2014

Here is what the Bible says on Professional Sports

2 Timothy 2:5

No one wins an athletic contest without obeying the rules.

It has been a little quiet lately for me, usually that means something bad is going to happen, as if it is being written into an evil reality

It has been a little quiet lately for me, usually that means something bad is going to happen, as if it is being written into an evil reality

Jesus implied as much when he said, It has already been scribed.  He was referring to something negative about to happen that was written about him; through precognition or active will?

Bible Search on the word One 10 24 2014

Bible Search on the word One 10 24 2014

Ein, ein, ein.  It means one, one, one Adolf Hitler said it.

A Black man once told me that Communism was One Mind for All.

I remembered a passage in the Bible where those who slept with the same woman were all of one mind and those who slept with the same man were all of one body.  (or is it vice versa)

Hearing voices is an intrusion into your one human being mind.  Every human being ought to have their own mind; and not Communism of one mind for all (or many) and that is indeed what schizophrenia is.

So I did the Bible search on the word one and some very interesting results came up.  Read it for yourself.  http://bibles.org/search/one/eng-AMP,eng-ASV,eng-CEV,eng-CEVD,eng-ESV,eng-GNTD,eng-KJVA,eng-MSG,eng-NABRE,eng-NASB,eng-NIV,eng-NLT,eng-NRSV,eng-RSV,eng-ENGRV,eng-WEB,eng-WEBBE,eng-WMB,eng-WMBBE/all

And none of these Bible searches result in complete listings of a word in my opinion.  For example I would have thought that the those who sleep with the same woman were of one mind or one body whichever it is would have popped up first and center as being the most relevant!

If you hear voices you should cherish the fact that you have something not everyone has, your own human mind!  Think of it that way and it is cognitive empowerment.

Why does the Catholic Church serve alcohol when the Bible say's this about it,

"Job 15:16
how much less one who is abominable and corrupt, one who drinks inequity like water."
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